Hu Zhiqiang

Responsible for courses: presiding and speaking classes

Introduction: graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai College of Visual Arts, Performing Arts (drama, film and music direction) learning art at an early age, in 2012, the ninth national arts examination results were admitted to Fudan University Shanghai College of Visual Arts. Cheng Xiaohua, a famous dubbing artist from Shanghai film translation factory, has dubbed "Zorro", "slave", "miserable world", "tiger escape", "return from hell", "seventh goals" and "daughter of Roth" in many classic films.

Professor Xu Weihong, a professor at Fudan University, has trained many outstanding performing arts talents such as Ren Chengwei, Wang Lin, Zhou Jie, Tong Dawei, Kuan Yan, William Feng, William Feng, Qi, and so on.

In 2013, Meng Jinhui, the famous Chinese drama director, played the role of Male No.1: a madman.

In September 2013, Professor clay at University of Montreal, the musical workshop, "We're" All In This Together.

In 2015, he played the Male No.1 in the English and British comedy master Ray KHUNE's masterpiece and the Oliver's best comedy, "disorder": George.

In 2016, in the comedy comedy comedy "Sherlock trouble" drama version, one person is decorated with many horns and also has wonderful performances.
Film and television works: "sparrow", "live in color", "iron blood song Hu", "beauty and tiger".
Eastern battlefield: Shirahama Masataro

Huang Feihong, the best in the world, plays the role of Bao Chi Lin drug store.

Stars brothers: Peter