Chen Qing Qing

Responsible for courses: soft pen calligraphy, hard pen calligraphy.

Introduction: at the age of seven, he won the gold medal for the National Youth pencil contest. After that, he won the gold medal of Zhejiang Youth Calligraphy Competition, the first prize of Zhoushan Youth Calligraphy Competition, and calligraphy grade ten.

Teaching experience:

Since 2012, he has worked as a calligraphy teacher in the major educational institutions in Shanghai, and has specially taken the examination class, and has the qualification to set up the examination points. The children are from five to sixteen years old, and have achieved excellent results in major competitions. Summed up a set of children's children's learning calligraphy teaching plan, in the course of arrangement, to solve the problem that children nowadays do not want to learn calligraphy, and think that calligraphy is boring and boring, so that children can not only learn calligraphy content in classroom, but also improve children's interest in calligraphy. Children's questions will give parents a detailed explanation, with a sectional examination, so that parents can clearly see the progress of their children.