Liu Wen Yan

Responsible for curriculum: Chinese painting

Introduction: mainly responsible for the drawing class, sketch class, imagination class courseware production and teaching, to understand the characteristics of students of different ages, to produce progressive painting process for students, to ensure students' picture effect, to use pictures, sticky, cut, knead, fold the five ways of combining teaching methods, and set up diversified themes, so that students can learn in a relaxed and pleasant environment. At the same time, it is also an exercise to improve ourselves. In practice, we constantly improve and adjust teaching methods, mobilize the enthusiasm of students and complete the scheduled teaching plans and tasks. At the same time, it also improves communication ability between parents and their parents. Students and parents and leaders alike.


Understand that as an art teacher's responsibility, you can prepare every class well, plan your courses in a planned way, study painting techniques, understand and study the progress of students, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and teach in accordance with their aptitude. Efforts should be made to improve students' ability to handle painting quickly, analyze and comment in a practical way, and focus on 电竞直播竞猜平台 outstanding students. Dedication, sense of responsibility, honesty and reliability, strong organization and coordination ability, excellent communication and negotiation skills, and good teamwork spirit. Rigorous and practical work attitude, strong learning ability, active thinking, good at communicating with students and parents, and have good management ability. The quality of teaching was evaluated.